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Pet Grooming

Pet Social’s groomer has been grooming over 25 years. Contact us to book a date at our spa. Free local pick up & drop off service.



Check out all of our pet accessories including fun toys for your dogs, cats and other small furry friends.


Cat Adoptions

Pet Social is proud to announce our partnership with Toronto Animal Services. Come see how you can adopt a loving kitten here.


Pet Social provides cutting edge knowledge of pet nutrition with top of the line, premium and holistic foods, innovative and functional pet supplies and accessories. Stellar customer service and a genuine dedication to providing the best overall experience a pet owner could possibly have. While shopping with us, you will find an ever-expanding selection of the healthiest, toughest, squeekiest, fluffiest, tastiest, crunchiest, softest (you get the point…) products the pet industry has to offer.

Our new site and boutique is absolutely loaded with all the information you need when researching your next pet purchasing decision. Creating honest relationships with our furry clients and their human families is what we are all about.

If you have any questions about your pet, or need advice on anything pet related – and we mean anything – send us an email at

We are sure that you will soon refer to us as the most trusted name in the Pet Retail & Service Industry!



It is with great pleasure that Pet Social announces it’s 2nd location that will includes a fabulous, FULLY STAFFED Daycare, in addition to our retail and expanded grooming facility! @Bathurst & Lakeshore! NOW OPEN!

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  • What’s a Kong? It’s a rubber beehive shaped toy that comes in many sizes. It is durable, great for chewing and bounces erratically. But best of all, it’s made to be stuffed! Kongs are a wonderful tool for keeping dogs entertained while you are gone. Kongs are microwaveable, freezable, and dishwasher safe.

    Some kong stuffing suggestions:

    Peanut butter, the classic kong stuffing.
    Cream cheese
    Biscuits or other treats
    Cheese, melted in the microwave (American style sticks better than real cheese)
    Chunks of veggies or fruits
    Plain bread or make a little sandwich and smash it in there
    Burger and cheese bits, microwaved till gooey
    Kong-sicle. Plug the little hole with peanut butter, then freeze boullion inside the kong

  • The million dollar question: "Do dogs spread germs when they lick us? No! Surprisingly doggie saliva is actually antiseptic. This is why they lick their cuts and scratches, and it’s the best therapy for them. If you have a scratch on your own skin and they lick it, it heals faster too. This doesn't mean we have to kiss them on the mouths, of course. That’s a human custom. You can move them to focus instead on your chin, your neck, or better still your fingertips, and we promise they won’t feel insulted. But isn't it nice to know, in a world filled with germs, that the risk of a dog “kissing” you on the lips is actually safer than most humans!

  • Does your pooch need a bath? We can help!


    Dog Body Language Communication
    dog body language, dog communication

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Pet Social & Rescue Ink

Pet Social donated & drove over 2000lbs of pet food to shelters hit by Hurricane Sandy


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Pet Event of the Year! Pet Social Provides 2000lbs of Food to Pet Victims of Hurricane Sandy



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HELLO! Pet Social was featured in Hello’s Christmas Edition – House of Dog Carrier with 675  Swarovski Crystals

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