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Pet Home Visits Are Available!


Pet Social can help you! We carry out home visits for puppies, dogs, cats…even fish, turtles and birds (which can include play, short training sessions, feeding and cleaning up accidents.) And for senior and sick dogs a quick trip outside, lots of cuddles, feeding and/or administering medications and a phone call to you to report how your dog is feeling, if you wish.

Because Your Pet is a Social Creature!

Away at work? The Pet Social Staff offers a Pet Visit Program to give your beloved pet companion a bright spot during the day. Your Pet require mental as well as physical stimulation just like humans do. Pet Social Pet Visit Programs are a great service for your pet when your busy day limits your ability to be at home with your pet.

Your Cat loves their home!

Cats appreciate the comfort of their home.  For that reason, in-home visits while you are away, whether on an extended business trip, or stuck in the office putting in extra work,  is a great option to allow them to still enjoy the comforts of home, and also give you the piece of mind that your pet has all the comforts and attention they require, just as if you were right there with them.

Puppy visits to give your little companion a break

Have you just become a proud puppy owner but still have to work long hours and your not yet vaccinated pup is left alone for too long? Is your dog sick or simply entered his/her golden years and needs a short trip to the garden during the day or medications given on time?

15 minutes • $20 per visit • 2 visits per week minimum




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